Question 3: If the Biblical evidence is as strong as you say for Pre-Wrath Tribulation, why do you suppose so many have adopted the Pre-Tribulation view?

Answer 3: My wise neighbor threw out a pearl of wisdom one day. He said, “Christians will hold on to a view, even if they don’t entirely understand it or agree with it, simply because they do not know of a better option.” I believe he nailed it. Pre-tribulationalism has had what amounts to a monopoly on the discussion of prophecy. They run a controlled media, (books, radio and TV), that excludes other interpretations even demonizing those who come up with them. They purposely have mischaracterized the Pre-wrath rapture position, which I show in the book. So, most remain Pre-tribulational. They lack the information needed to alter their position. It is sinister at its root. Keeping open debate on the subject of the prophecy of Scripture from those who want to hear it, evaluate it and make up their own mind, is a form of mind-control.