Does the name Alfred E. Neuman have a familiar ring? If so, I suggest you keep it a secret.        

From the mid-50’s to the present, Neuman’s simple look and vacuous, gap-toothed grin filled the cover of nearly every issue of “Mad Magazine”. Often his illustration is accompanied by the motto: “What–me worry?”

Neuman’s happy expression is evidence of his blissful ignorance. He was–or is–oblivious to everything around him. If he knew the shape the world was in, he would not be smiling.


Maybe Alfred doesn’t care.  It occurs to me why it is that Alfred E. Neuman doesn’t give a hoot about anything of a serious nature: This fictional character has no stake in it. He’s a cartoon, after all.

This may give us a clue–at least somewhat–why otherwise gifted Bible scholars can have “What–me worry?” attitudes about prophecy. There are several points of disagreement among Pre-tribulation Rapture teachers that include: the nature of the Millennium, who makes up the 144,000 or who is around to suffer persecution during the Tribulation. With no real stake in accuracy, PTR teachers offer opinions as though they were prophetic truth. (As they postulate, I wonder if they are smiling like Alfred. Has no one read Revelation 22:18-19 or examined its implications regarding error?)

It occurs to me the reason for the stalwart defense of an “any moment rapture” and a blase blase attitude about the details that come after is simple: PTR teachers are drop-outs!They have no stake in any post-rapture outcomes. They are outta here with the rapture–or so they believe. If they are wrong on a few post-rapture facts, who cares? Too bad for the poor, dumb suckers who are still around during the Tribulation Period.

Embracing a Pre-Wrath Rapture position means that I have a stake in all prophecy. If I, my loved ones and spiritual family are destined to be survivors, then I need all the guidance I can acquire. Give me the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. I’m not worried, but I am paying close attention to prophecy.