It is all part of a larger conflict, but the war against Christmas has been going on for some time. Like “Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson, Jesus has been placed on “indefinite leave” from the show called “Christmas”. “Too controversial!” “Too offensive!” Instead, here comes Santa Claus!

The first assault on what used to be our favorite holiday came when a flurry of law suits were filed against municipalities with manger scenes in the town square. Today, outdoor singers are a rare sight. Carolers are silent, no longer “Wishing You a Merry Christmas”.

A while back, schools came under fire for celebrating “Christmas”. Using litigation threats from the ACLU, school boards scrambled to make it a nameless, innocuous holiday. Now, we hear about schools banning Christmas cookies and treats. Just this week, a Long Island, New York, school sanitized the lyrics of “Silent Night, Holy Night” during their concert. They eliminated composer Franz Gruber’s “offensive” religious language and substituted something more suitable to the atheists in the audience.

I don’t enjoy being the bearer of bad news, but we must face it like grown-ups. Not only is the siege on Christmas continuing to make gains  from the outside, but support for the tradition is eroding from the inside of Christianity.  Some within the church have long lobbied against celebrating what they consider a pagan rite that features evergreen trees with lights and the burning of a yule log. It’s not just the rampant materialism or shopping mania that irks many of the devout; it is more about taking a winter solstice feast day from the pagan’s list of annual celebrations and turning it into a Christian holiday. There are some in the church who actually become angry if they overhear  “December 25th is Jesus’ birthday.”

Yes, Christians, too, are at war with Christmas–and they have a genuine argument. We don’t know the year of Christ’s birth, let alone the date on the calendar. The day we have set aside is indeed linked to paganism; so, as we see, to paganism it is returning.

It’s true: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” That’s why I see attempts to save “Christmas” are for naught. In my view, as it is, it’s not worth the fight. This is especially true since Christmas wasn’t God’s idea in the first place.

It will not stand! The culture will have it’s way, but boasters beware! With Christ’s Second Advent, we shall have something far superior to find joy in this time of year, but no Jesus-haters will be in on the celebration. That’s good news for men like Phil Robertson.