Under cover of darkness, the baby was whisked away in the arms of the woman who would become his mother. This was no kidnapping. It was a rescue. The little boy wrapped in the blanket was in mortal danger. The plan belonged to the baby’s true father, the king. The woman was the king’s trusted sister. Joined by her husband, the baby’s new father, the three boarded a waiting ship. Their destination was a port across the vast ocean.

Though raised by someone other than his parents, the little baby remained heir to his father’s kingdom. Corrupt officials formed a cabal and threatened the throne. Once the king knew of their plot, he had to act fast. The few at court he could count on were not enough. The schemers would stop at nothing to gain power, including murdering the prince. The king could live in exile, while the rebels ruled as regents. Knowing his son was safe and when he became a man he would return to wear the crown was enough. And that is what happened.

Far away from the port where they disembarked years before, the little baby had grown into a strong lad. His adopted father and mother were the only family he knew. They taught him well. He was kind and polite. He was smart and gifted with his hands. He honored his Heavenly Father as well as his elders and parents. As he worked one day in the field, his father saw the strong muscles he had developed in his arms and his back. He was working more like one of the men than a boy. His father knew it was time. He needed to be told about his true identity.

But a few days went by and nothing had been said. From the kitchen window the mother looked out and motioned to her husband. He got up from the table and outside the window their teen son was sitting with seven of his friends. They were in a circle while he was teaching them something that had him pointing to the trees, the sky, the birds, and the hills. They listened in rapt attention. And when he got up they also rose and followed, still asking questions. The husband and wife looked at each other in amazement. “Now,” she asked, “are you going to tell him or am I?”

The next day, while setting posts in the ground, the young man appeared and asked his dad if he could help. “You sure can,” father said. As the son commenced to work, the father took a knee and mopped his neck. There’s something important we need to talk about. I’ve been waiting for the right time, and I s’pose this is it.

The young man, stopped and faced his dad. “Would this have to do with God’s plan for my life?” Oh, it was the right time all right.

Continued in Part 2