April 10, 2013

The key to understanding prophecy is to know what prophecy is. Is it predicting the future? In part, but the best definition of Prophecy comes from the Bible itself.

For it is the Spirit of Prophecy who bears testimony to Jesus.

Rev. 19:10b (NIV)

Prophecy revolves around what Jesus says and what He does. Every prophesy in the Old Testament that pointed to Jesus’ birth, death and Resurrection were perfectly fulfilled. It is with this knowledge that we can know that all prophesies concerning the Parousia (2nd coming) of Jesus, will also be literally and perfectly fulfilled.

Peace be with you

Elijah Jacobs

April 16, 2013

Where are we headed as a nation? Should we expect God’s hand to continually bless us? Is the United States obedient to God’s will? If not, what do you think Yahweh (God’s personal name) is going to do about it? Here is a hint: Consider what happened to the northern kingdom of Israel around 722 B.C. at the hands of the Assyrians and what happened at the hands of the Babylonians to Judah around 586 BC. As a nation, we must not adhere to the mantra of tolerance in matters that blatantly break God’s law. Yes, God wants us to love and support each other and provide for the needs of the less fortunate. Is that happening? Sexual immorality grows like a cancer. Our nation entertains many demonic spirits through our various forms of entertainment. Violence is everywhere. We are ripe for judgment.

As people unite in light of the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy, Christians ought not to talk about the strength of Americans. We should praise God for His mercy and righteous judgment; then repent. Afterward, we can use the inner strength that God gives to heal from the wounds inflicted by His enemies.

May the Lord Bless You and keep You.

Elijah Jacobs



There is insight on the mark of the beast that I want to share.  At this time, any calculation of the number to a person (Pope, president) or a religion (Islam) is going down a wrong path. What we do know from Scripture (Rev. 13:16-18) is that the 2nd beast (False Prophet) causes all peoples (every culture, ethnicity, social class) to be marked on their forehead or right hand.  This is for the purpose of buying and selling. Without this mark, no one can participate in the anti-christ’s economic system. The mark will be the name of the beast or the number of his name.  Evidently someone with wisdom and understanding will calculate the number–which is the number of a person.  Verse 18 says it is 666 (some manuscripts 616).  In my next post, I will show Old Testament support for why taking this mark for the sake of getting food (survival) is a rejection of God by failing to trust in His provisions.

Remember when the Beast confirms a covenant with Israel for 7 yrs, then we will know who he is and we will be able to calculate the number.  Once the treaty is signed or strengthened, we have only 1260 days before the anti-christ desecrates the temple.  Then he will demand the world’s worship and institute his tyrannical system of government. All of us need to begin storing up goods now, so Christian communities will have the necessities to live without the anti-christ’s mark.

May the Lord Bless you and Keep

Elijah Jacobs

June 4, 2013

We are all children of God. That is our birthright and we have the free will to accept it or reject it. Satan knows what God has in store for His children and he knows that the inheritance of the saints is even greater than his lot. Paul writes that the saints will judge the angels.(1Corinthians 6:3) So Satan devised ways to disqualify God’s people from their inheritance. His servant, the anti-Christ, will cause people to take his mark and worship his image (or they won’t be able to buy and sell for food). This is not new. Daniel 3 gives us a prime example of idol worship during the Babylonian exile. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego overcame their punishment for refusing to worship the image of the King. Theirs was a trip to the fiery furnace and Jesus himself was in there with his faithful servants. So, no true believer has anything to fear when anti-Christ comes to persecute us. If we believe in God, we know that He can deliver us. So what if we cannot buy food! I believe that manna from Heaven will be provided for God’s people again. The only problem self-proclaimed Christians will have is if they are afraid of persecution for the Lord’s sake. What will be revealed then is that their true God is their flesh. Many will be like Esau, who was considered Godless because he despised his birthright (firstborn son), giving it up for a meal.

May the Lord’s grace and strength always guide you.

Elijah Jacobs

July 5 2013                             BE ANTICIPATORS!

Chapter 2 of the Prophets of God talks about the need for God’s people to be anticipators.  It is what makes someone great in his/her chosen profession.  It is the ability to understand what will happen next.   Pg. 15 shows us that what separated Wayne Gretzky from the good players (in the NHL) was  the ability to anticipate where the puck would be.  Anticipators do not shy away from the battle cry but head to where the action will be.  The Bible shows us the patterns that will occur during the last days (Daniel’s 70th Week).  We need to know that the anti-christ will  use subtlety and chicanery in order to gain power.  He will not emerge first, but 10 nations will come to power and then he will overthrow 3 of them.  (Cf Daniel 7:18-28).  He will change the set laws and seasons.  So what does that mean?  It means to look towards the feast days of God and understand that the beast will try to upset them.  It also means that he will attack those who follow the Commandments and adhere to the words of Jesus. He will undermind everything that tries to glorify God.

A saint of God will expect to be on the receiving end of the Beast’s wrath.   God would not want it any other way because it is in this time of great despair that a true man of the Lord will emerge.  If you do not believe me then read the psalms and read the book of Job.  What is the reward for being an overcomer?  In Job’s case, it was double what he previously owned and in David’s case it was a Kingdom.  David was also given the promise that someone from his line will always rule over Israel (the People of God).  If we are to achieve such a rich inheritance, will it be after great persecution or will it come by avoiding perilous times?  The disciples hoped to avoid seeing their Lord killed.  They were scattered and turned away from God for a time.  I see the same thing happening to PTR Teachers.  The apostles James and John wanted to sit at either side of Jesus in his kingdom.(Matthew 20:20-28, Mark 10:35-45) At the time of the request, they did not have the mind of Christ.  The Gospels tell us that all the disciples argued about who would be the greatest.  They put themselves above God’s Plan of Salvation.

Do you want to know whom I believe will be sitting at God’s left and right hand.  The Scriptures give us the clue.  I will explore it in the next entry but here is a hint.  Before Jesus went to Jerusalem to meet his “expected end”, He made an effort to bring the message of Salvation to  the Samaritans, but they would not receive Him.  James and John asked Jesus if they could bring fire from Heaven to the unbelievers.  Jesus rebuked them. (Luke 9:51-56)  Are there two men who will be granted the ability to call fire down from Heaven?   Was there anyone in the Old Testament who was given this ability?  Think about it.

May the Lord Bless You and Keep you.

Elijah Jacobs

July 17, 2013                           THE TWO WITNESSES

In the last post, I asked the question: “Were there any two individuals who are given the ability to call fire from Heaven?” This ability was not given to James and John (The brothers Zebedee). It seems to me that the position that they were looking for at either side of Jesus was set aside for the Two Witnesses. They(the 2 witnesses) are granted power to prophesy for 1260 days and if anyone opposes them during this time, fire (from Heaven) will come out of their mouths to consume their foes. (Rev. 11:4-6). The 2 witnesses are also killed by the beast and called up to Heaven after 3 and a half days. (Rev. 11:7-13). They are taken up in a cloud in much the same way that Jesus went back to the Father. (Acts 1:9)

Jesus told the disciples that it was not for them to know the times that the Father has set by his own authority. (Acts 1:7). The two Witnesses have this knowledge. They will see Jesus coming into His Kingdom (The Rapture and Day of the Lord Judgment) , during the days of their Prophesying. They are the two lamp stands that stand before the Lord. When Jesus appears to John (son of Zebedee) in Revelation 1, he is in the midst of the 7 lampstands (defined as the 7 Churches of Asia Minor). There is Precedence that Jesus is in between those he calls His Church. The Witnesses are called to do something no one else was asked to do and therefore they have a special place beside Jesus. So who are they?

The 2 witnesses in my opinion are Moses and Elijah. Jesus himself said that he came to fulfill the Law and the Prophets. Moses represented the Law and Elijah represented the Prophets. Elijah called down fire from Heaven in the Old Testament (2 Kings 1:1-16). Moses had the power to bring the plagues upon Egypt and turn water to blood. The 2 Witnesses have the power to call down plagues on the ungodly, shut the skies from bringing rain and change water to blood. These abilities parallel what Moses and Elijah were able to do. At the Transfiguration of Jesus, Moses and Elijah were there. They discussed the expected end of Jesus. They had a role in God’s Plan of Salvation. That role will continue with their 1260 Day Mission.

Amos 3:7 tells us that the sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing it to His servants, the prophets. Jesus Himself told his disciples that it is impossible for a Prophet to die outside of Jerusalem. (Luke 13:33). When Moses died, it was outside of the Holy Land but the Lord buried him. Yet we find out in Jude (verse 9) that the arch-angel Michael contended with the devil and disputed about the body of Moses. Satan knows prophesy and will try to upset set times and laws. (Daniel 7:25). Satan wanted Moses’ body in order to prevent God from fulfilling His Plans for Salvation.

Finally, it would be logical that the 2 witnesses (Moses and Elijah) would have spots on either side of Jesus. Three witnesses are the perfect number to settle a matter or dispute. Moses had experience judging his people. I believe that the two witnesses will rule as judges with Jesus. The three together complete God’s Plan of Redemption: through the Law, the prophets and the Blood of Christ.

*For more on the 2 witnesses and their identities as Moses and Elijah, please read Chapter 6 of the Prophets of God: Two Olive Trees.

May the Lord Bless you and keep you and may His face always shine upon you.

Elijah Jacobs

JULY 29, 2013                      Zechariah on the 2 Witnesses.

The prophet Zechariah describes the 2 witnesses in the same way that God describes them to John. (Rev. 11:4). Zechariah 4:3 and 4:11 tells us that they are the 2 olive trees that are to the left and right of the golden lampstand (Representative of Jesus, the light of the World). Verse 14 confirms that they are the 2 olive trees which are anointed to serve the Lord off all the earth. This description fits with the 2 witnesses who: (1) were with the Lord at the Transfiguration, (2) were at the tomb to be witnesses to the Resurrection, (3) were witnesses to the disciples at the Lord’s ascension and (4)are the forerunners to the Return of the King.

Zechariah chapters 2-5 have a very close parallel to Revelation 11. There is rich symbolism of our High Priest Jesus’ coming to His Millennial Temple and his 2 witnesses/prophets who go ahead preparing the Way for the Lord. They serve a vital role in God’s Salvation Plan. Jesus has been discussing it with them since the Transfiguration. The 2 witnesses will play their parts well, culminating with their deaths at the hands of the Beast (anti-Christ) Three and a half days later, they terrorize those who would rejoice at their demise by coming back to life and ascending into the heavens. They show God’s power over death and their ultimate reward will be a seat on either side of their King.

May our Savior give you the wisdom and the strength to endure the dark days ahead, so you may receive the Crown of Life.

Elijah Jacobs

August 20, 2013                    Do Not Be Caught Unaware!

Most prophecy teachers will refer to Matthew 24:36 in reference to the coming of Jesus. I have heard people say over and over: “Noone knows the day and hour of Jesus’ coming, not even the angels or the Son himself.” This line of thinking goes along with the teaching by PTR that the Rapture is imminent (can happen at any moment). My answer would be this: “Let’s see what God’s Word says.” Scripture must always be used in context and before truth can be realized, all related Scriptures must be compared and harmonized. (See section under Excerpts: Rules of Interpretations).

Following these rules of interpretations, we go to Matthew 24:37 which tells us that the coming of the Son of Man will be similar to the Days of Noah. What we know about Noah was that he was a preacher of righteousness and was obedient to God. (Hebrews 11:7). Genesis 7:4 shows that God tells Noah that the rains will come down on the earth in 7 days and last for 40 days and nights. Amos 3:7 teaches us that the Sovereign Lord does nothing before telling his servants, the prophets. So once Noah proved to be faithful to God, our Lord showed him exactly when the flood would begin and how long the rains would last.

Since we know that the days before Christ’s return will be like the days in Noah’s time, then it is perfectly reasonable to state that God will tell his faithful ones when His Day of Judgment will be and how long it will last. We must have the Spiritual ears to listen. God has always worked His plan of Salvation around the Feast Days of Israel.(See the section on Feast Days of Israel). This will continue with regards to the 2nd Coming of Christ. So, if Jesus’ Second Advent is centered around one of the High Holy Days of Israel, then it cannot be at any moment. In the next post, I will show you how we can know the Feast Day of God’s coming (i.e. the Rapture) and still not know the exact hour or Day (from the Gregorian Calendar).

May the Lord protect you and give you the wisdom and grace to persevere.

Elijah Jacobs

August 22, 2013

In my last post, I said that we can know the Biblical Feast Day on which Jesus returns (to gather His people) and still not know the day or the hour.(*From the Gregorian Calendar). Under the section for Feast Days on this website, I discussed which Fall Holy Day will be fulfilled with the Rapture, so I am not going to get into it here. What I am going to prove is that God can return on a specific day on the Hebrew Calendar and it still would not nullify Jesus’ words that “No one knows of that day and hour.” Jesus lived during the time of the Roman Empire, and Palestine was under the supervision of the Romans, who used the Julian Calendar. So the Judean people would have had knowledge of both the Hebrew Calendar and the Julian Calendar. The Julian Calendar erred from the real Solar Calendar by 11.5 minutes a year, so it was pretty accurate. The difference was that the Hebrew Day would begin at sundown the day before on the Julian Calendar. So when Jesus made His declaration of not knowing the time or hour, those who heard these words would have an understanding of both calendars.

When Jesus comes for the elect, they will be gathered from the four corners of the earth. (Matthew 24:31). This means that people will be in different time zones. So a person being gathered on the West Coast will be taken up at a different hour than a person from the East Coast. So I can teach that the Rapture will be fulfilled on the Feast of Trumpets and still be true to the teaching that no one knows the day or the hour. What if a person on the East Coast is gathered up at 12:08 am, and someone one the West Coast is gathered at the same time? It will be 9:08 pm for that other individual and for that west coaster, the rapture will have occurred on a different day than for the east coaster.

In conclusion, God wants us to be watchful and prepared for His coming.(Read Matthew 24, Luke 21:5-38 and Mark 13 in context). The argument about not knowing the day or the hour does not have substance when one has an understanding of the Hebrew Day and the fact that Rapture will cover all time zones. When we dig deeper, we will find that Jesus gives us clues to the potential hours of his return through his parables. I will explore this in the next post.

Please Keep studying the scriptures. If our hearts are open to truth and not personal agendas, God will show us His Truth.

* In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII ordered the advancement of the Julian Calendar by 10 days and introduced a corrective device to prevent future error. This device was that century years, such as 1700 or 1800 would not be counted as leap years. The century years that would be counted were the ones divisible by 400. The Gregorian Calendar Year differs from the actual solar year by 26 seconds and is still used by the United States today. The Hebrew Calendar also had to make adjustments for the difference in the Solar and Lunar Year. Their Calendar (which consists of 29 and 30 day months) adds an intercalary month 7 years out of every 19 year cycle.
(These facts were gathered from Info Please. “The Curious History of the Gregorian Calendar” by Ben Snowden.)
Elijah Jacobs

August 26, 2013                          Jesus Gives us CLUES!

Jesus does warn us that He can come at an unknown hour. Does that mean that we are not to know the time of His Coming or does it mean that the hour is unknown to those who are not prepared? I am inclined to believe that for those who are not vigilant and watchful, the return of our Lord will be like a thief in the night. Jesus gives us the parable of the 10 Bridesmaids as an example of what His Return will be like. (Matthew 25:1-13). Jesus shows that the Bridegroom was delayed and the bridesmaids fell asleep. The wise ones were prepared for the coming of the prince. The call (much like the cry of the archangel )(1Thessalonians 4:13-16) alerted everyone that the bridegroom was coming. This call was at midnight. So sometime after midnight we see the bridegroom arrive. I believe that this specific time that Jesus gave was not arbitrary but a clue as to when he will return. Most, will be asleep or will be lost in Satan’s grip when the fullness of time (for Jesus’ return) arrives. Some will lose faith because they will feel that God is slow with regards to His Coming. The Apostle Peter addressed this very issue.

God is not slow with his promises but He is patient with us, hoping that none will perish and that all will come to repentance. Unfortunately, many will be scoffers and mockers. For those people, the Lord will come like a “thief in the night.” Peter tells us that we are to not only wait for the coming of the Day of God but to hasten its approach. (2 Peter 3:9-12). We do that by bringing the Gospel to the 4 corners of the Earth. (Matthew 24:14).

Jesus gives us a 2nd witness as to His return in the example of the watchful slaves. (Luke 12:35-39). Once again there is a witness to our lamps being lit. (The light of Jesus must always shine through us. Matthew 5:14-16) Jesus does not say definitively when the master will return, but says if the master returns in the middle of the night or at dawn, those who are prepared will be blessed. This is done for the purpose of God’s servants to be ever vigilant. Mark 13:32-37 is another witness that mentions that the return of the Lord may occur after midnight but before the breaking of dawn. Mark adds that the master’s return could happen in the evening as well. This is not a contradiction. Remember, Jesus is speaking in and around Jerusalem and that is the time frame we must use. If the return of Christ is somewhere between 12am and 6am in the Middle East, then it will be anywhere from early evening to Midnight in the contiguous United States. We must be like the men of Issachar, who knew the times which they lived in and what the people of God ought to do. (cf: 1Chronicles 12:32). So by understanding that the Return of the King can occur between the hours of 12am and 6am,(2nd or 3rd watch in the KJV) Palestinian/Israeli time, we will be equipped with knowledge that many will not have. God wants us to be leaders so that we can search for his lost sheep and prepare His Saints for the terrible times that lie ahead. We are given the charge to be WATCHMEN!!
Will you stand on guard with us?

May the Lord teach you and guide you always.

Elijah Jacobs

October 29, 2013                   PSALM 83 IS PROPHECY

Before we enter into the 70th week of Daniel, it is important to know what events will happen next. Current world events, like Iran being 1-2 months away from having nuclear weapon capabilities, only strengthen the belief that we are truly in the last days of this age. However, before a treaty can be confirmed by the anti-Christ (Daniel 9:27) war will break out in the Middle East and most likely the Temple Mount in Jerusalem will be affected. It is very likely that major damage will be done to the Dome of the Rock and AL-ASQA (the Muslim Mosques which are currently on the Temple Mount). The anti-Christ will broker a deal that will allow a Jewish Temple to be built. A major war that will occur before the 70th week of Daniel is detailed in Psalm 83. What the rest of this post will do is show why this Psalm of Asaph is prophecy and to identify the current nations with their Biblical names.
The first question that may be asked is this: Is Psalm 83 just a prayer for judgment on Israel’s foes (imprecatory prayer, where the writer calls down divine curses on his enemies.) or is it also foretelling a future event? The key to understanding prophecy is to know that there are near and far fulfillments. So while this prayer was relevant in Asaph’s time against his enemies, it also tells what will happen in the near future. Asaph had dual roles, as a Levite Priest appointed by King David (1Chronicles 16:4-5) and as a Hebrew Prophet. 2 Chronicles 29:30 informs us that Asaph was a seer. The Hebrew word for seer, Chozeh can be translated as a beholder of vision. In 1 Chronicles 25:2, we learn that Asaph prophesied under the order of King David. So clearly anything that Asaph writes would have prophetic implications. How do we know that this psalm is relevant now? Look at verse 4.

They say, “Come let us wipe them out as a nation: let the name of Israel be remembered no more.”

This quote not only has been said by Palestinian leaders but by the former Iranian President (Ahmadinejad) as well as the Ayatollahs. The terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas echo these same thoughts. Most of the Middle Eastern Arabs see the current Jewish nation as bullies who must be eradicated. Observation of Middle Eastern events tells us that the war depicted in this psalm is coming very soon. So who are the players?

1) Tents of Edom are the Palestinians and Southern Jordanians. Edom, Moab and Ammon occupied the southern, central and northern portions of Modern Day Jordan.
2) Ishmaelites: The Saudis.
3) Moab: Palestinians and Central Jordanians.
4) Hagarenes: Egyptians. (Hagar, the mother of Ishmael, was a slave woman from Egypt serving Sarah. (Abraham’s wife.)
5) Gebal: Hezbollah and Northern Lebanon.
6) Ammon: The Palestinians and Northern Jordanians.
7) Amalek: The Arabs of the Sinai region.
8) Philistia: Hamas of the Gaza strip.
9) Inhabitants of Tyre: Hezbollah (who reside in Lebanon currently) and the Southern Lebanese.
10) Assyria: Syria and the northern Iraqi’s

Finally, many of the nations/peoples above also show up in (as of now) unfulfilled prophetic conflicts.
1) Edom: Ezekiel 25:14, Jeremiah 49:10 and Obadiah 1:18.
2) Ammon: Jeremiah 49:2, Zephaniah 2:9, Isaiah 11:14.
3) Moab: Zephaniah 2:19, Isaiah 11:14
4) Philistia: Ezekiel 25:15-17, Isaiah 11:14
5) Saudi Arabia: Ezekiel 25:13.
6) Egypt: Isaiah 19-16-18.

Hopefully this post gave some much needed information and insight into what is coming very shortly.

God Bless You Always.
Elijah Jacobs

January 2, 2014                Bad Times for Israel’s Enemies

We are on the verge of some of the most exciting times that will come upon the world Stage. 2014 will bring about events in the heavens that have been seen only 7 times in over 2 Millennia. There will be lunar eclipses on the first Day of the Biblical Feast of Passover (beginning at Sundown April 14-Sundown April 15) and on the first Day of the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot beginning at sunset Oct 8). In addition, there will be lunar eclipses on the First Day of Passover and the First Day of Tabernacles in 2015. This will be only the 8th time since 1 AD that a blood moon (as the result of a lunar eclipse) will be apparent on the Feast Days of Passover and Tabernacles in consecutive years. Many may shake their heads and say: SO WHAT!

However, there is great prophetic significance to these eclipses. Is it just coincidence that the 8th occurrence of these amazing events will be on 2 of Israel’s Holy Feast Days? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Before delving into what may occur concerning Israel during this future time frame, we must explore past history. God works in patterns. The 7 times previously that a blood moon appeared during the aforementioned feast days in consecutive years were in the following years.
1) 162 and 163 A.D.
2) 795 and 796 A.D.
3) 842 and 843 A.D.
4) 860 and 861 A.D.
5) 1491 and 1492 A.D.
6) 1947 and 1948 A.D.
7) 1966 and 1967 A.D.

Historically, the 8th and 9th centuries were times of major persecution of the Hebrew People. In 1492, the Spanish Inquisition ended (terminating another period of harsh treatment on the Judean people). In 1948, the modern nation of Israel came into existence and Israel withstood attacks from her Arab neighbors and emerged victorious. By the way, the modern nation of Israel is not the united 12 tribes, but this event in May of 1948 was a partial fulfillment of prophecy. (Isaiah 66:7-8). Finally, the 6 Day War of 1967 (June 5-10), saw the Judean people reclaim Jerusalem and take back the Temple Mount. In the name of peace, Israel returned control of the Temple Mount back to Islam after 10 days. The pattern is clear! The last 3 times these heavenly signs occurred in conjunction with Biblical Feast Days, the Judean people were blessed and Israel’s enemies were defeated. Many in the Arab world, including President Obama believe that for the sake of the Palestinians and world “peace”, Israel should go back to the pre-1967 borders.

Apparently, people like to ignore the promise that God made to Abraham that would be given to the descendants of his only begotten son (Genesis 22:2) Isaac. Verse 17 has God making a vow that Abraham’s descendants will be occupying the gates of their enemies. The land grant that God gave Israel is laid out in Genesis 15:18:

So from Egypt to the Euphrates, which runs through modern Iraq, will be the land that the 12 tribes will inherit. Those who speak otherwise, like it or not, are going against THE WORD OF GOD.

I believe that by understanding the patterns of history, it is reasonable to conclude that a major event(s) concerning Israel will occur in 2014 through 2015. Do not be surprised if the war prophesied in Psalm 83 occurs during this time frame. The Hebrew people will emerge victorious. Islam will have suffered another major setback and the Arab Nation will be thrown into utter chaos. Sounds like a perfect time for the serpent to strike at the heels of the people of God. Shortly after this fallout, look for a leader to emerge, using guile and misdirection while preaching peace. He will be the one to confirm a Covenant with Israel, only to break the covenant, half-way through its proposed 7 year period. (Daniel 9:27).



November 13, 2014          Understanding the enemy

Preparation is key for any battle. The successful sports teams are the ones who not only refine their skills but understand the tendencies of their opponents. They are anticipators. It is the same for the people of God. We must not underestimate our adversary. The prophet Daniel is like a veteran coach who preps his young team for battle. He gives us great insight into what the adversary (the antichrist) will do.

” And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws; and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time. But the judgment shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end.” Daniel 7:25-26, KJV.)

We need to heed these words and prepare for great tribulation. We have insight into Satan’s playbook. His minion, the antichrist, will try to change the Holy Days of God. (The Feast Days of Israel). The laws Daniel is referring to are God’s commandments. The overcomer will have God’s Law of Love in his/her heart. Understanding the Feast Days is also crucial. They are all fulfilled in Jesus. By understanding the set times and laws, we can know what Satan will do and when he will do it. Persecution will come but Yahweh will win in the end. Our job is to keep the faith, remain steadfast in Christ, and prepare an army of believers for the battle of the ages.- EJ

November 20, 2015                      The Prophets

The Old Testament prophets played an important role in the history of Israel. They spoke for the Sovereign Lord. Their message was often one of chastisement, repentance and future judgment. However, there was also the hope of deliverance for the people of God. Below is the list of all the books of the Prophetic Books and the meaning of their names.

  1. Isaiah- Yahweh is salvation.
  2. Jeremiah- Yahweh throws, Yahweh establishes (appoints or sends)
  3. Lamentations follows the book of Jeremiah and describes the funeral of the holy city of Jerusalem. Out of the ashes of destruction, there is a spark of hope as God promises to remain faithful to His people in the future. The Hebrew title, “Ekah” means: “Ah, how!”
  4. Ezekiel- God strengthens or strengthened by God.
  5. Daniel- God is my judge.
  6. Hosea- Salvation.
  7. Joel- Yahweh is God.
  8. Amos- Burden-bearer.
  9. Obadiah- Worshipper of Yahweh or Servant of Yahweh.
  10. Jonah- Dove.
  11. Micah- Who is like Yahweh?
  12. Nahum- Comfort, consolation.
  13. Habakkuk- One who embraces or clings.
  14. Zephaniah- Yahweh hides, Yahweh has hidden.
  15. Haggai – Festal, festive.
  16. Zechariah- Yahweh remembers, Yahweh has remembered.
  17. Malachi- My messenger.

These names are in the same order as they are in the Bible. Our Heavenly Father is raising prophets now as we approach the end of this age. Amos 3:7 says it all.

” Surely the LORD God does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.” (NKJV) EJ.

February 15th, 2016              The Prophecies of Haggai (Prelude)

The book of Haggai is short and has three prophecies/commands that have meaning with regard to the end of this age. Haggai was the first of the post-exilic prophets. His main purpose was to call the remnant of Judah to complete the rebuilding of the 2nd temple. It was the prophesying and leadership of both Haggai and Zechariah that led to the completion of God’s house.

Solomon’s temple was destroyed in 586 BC. by orders from King Nebuchadnezzar (Babylonian Empire). In 539 BC., this empire fell to the Medes/Persians. Yahweh spoke through King Cyrus and a decree was brought forth enabling a remnant of the Judean exiles to return to Jerusalem and begin construction of Yahweh’s house. (538BC).

After six years of building (536-530 BC), opposition heightened against completing the temple. The Lord moved the spirit of King Darius (520 BC) to order a search of the Royal archives of Babylon in order to find out if an edict from Cyrus ever existed. This answer was a resounding YES! (Ezra 5:17-6:3).

God raises up rulers to fulfill His divine purposes. What we learn from the fact that two prophets played a key role in the reestablishment of God’s House cannot be underestimated. Revelation 11 shows that two witnesses ( most likely Moses and Elijah) will return and prophesy for 1260 days. The history in Ezra chapter 6 gives us clues that these future men of God could play a vital role in the establishment of a 3rd temple. In the next post, I will look at the first of the three prophecies given to Haggai. EJ

March 13th, 2016                     The Prophecies of Haggai (Part 1)

God had set His plan in motion to have a remnant of Judean exiles  return to Jerusalem in order to rebuild the temple. After the altar was built and the Fall Feast Days were observed (Ezra 3:1-6), the enemies of Israel caused a halt to the construction (Ezra 4:4,23).

After nearly 15 years of inactivity, Yahweh intervened. The Word of the Lord moved  Haggai to prophesy and the Spirit stirred within Zerubbabel (governor of Judah) and Joshua (the high priest). God had fallen from being the number one priority for the remnant. They were focused on building their own houses and neglected the Lord’s house.

As a result, God’s blessings were withheld. By calling a drought on the fields and mountains of Judah, the grain, new wine and oil did not prosper. The Lord strategically stopped the materials needed for the grain and drink offerings. If worship was not going to be from the heart, the King of Israel was going to stop it completely.  In the next installment we will see the importance of the timing of this prophecy in conjunction with the Hebrew calendar.EJ

April 25th, 2016                        The Prophecies of Haggai (Part 2)

The timing of prophecies are very important to consider because the Lord works in the fullness of time. God commanded the children of Judah to continue rebuilding the 2nd temple in the 6th month (Haggai 1:1, 15). This is the month of Elul on the Hebrew religious calendar and it is the month before the High Holy Days of the Fall Feasts. It is a time for self-inspection and reconciliation.

Yahweh is telling Haggai to send this exact message to the exiles who are back in the land. They are to rend their hearts back to God and build his house. By working on their own houses the people of Judah were prioritizing themselves over the desires of Adonai. The King of Israel had to intervene by preventing the bounty of the land from prospering. This caught the people’s attention and the house of the Lord commenced on the 24th day of the 6th month. (A week before the holy assembly of the Feast of Trumpets).

The spiritual application here is that when God moves in our hearts to do something, we better be obedient. His Will always is going to be accomplished and the people of God are going to do it happily or after being humbled. Chapter 3 of Ezra shows us that the altar was built before the foundation of the Temple was laid. This altar allowed for the sacrificial system to commence again during the Fall Feast Days. It was no coincidence that Zerubbabel and Joshua began rebuilding right before these same Holy Days. In the next installment, we will look at the 2nd prophecy of Haggai and how it was given on the 21st day of the 7th month during the Feast of Tabernacles. EJ

May 21st, 2016                            The Prophecies of Haggai (Part 3)

Nothing that the Lord does is random. Yahweh works in accordance with the Holy Days that He established in the Torah (the first 5 books of the Old Testament). A study of the books of the prophets will uncover precious gold. One particular vein is that several prophecies occurred during a specific feast day or a holy month of the Hebrew Calendar. God, through Haggai, chastised His people for not rebuilding His house. Nearly a month after the task started up again, Haggai was given another oracle.

Some of the elders of Israel witnessed the glory of Solomon’s temple and that caused great discouragement as this rebuilding project seemed fruitless. Our creator intervened and we gain great insight into God’s character: He is an encourager.

” Yet now take courage O Zerubbabel, says the Lord; take courage, O Joshua, son of Jehozadak, the high priest;  take courage, all you people of the land, says the Lord; work, for I am with you, says the Lord of hosts, according to the promises I made with you when you came out of Egypt. My Spirit abides in you: do not fear ” (Haggai 2:5-6, NRSV).

Scripture says that the word of the Lord came to the prophet Haggai on the 21st day of the 7th month. (Haggai 2:1). This is significant because God spoke to the prophet on the 7th day of the Feast of Tabernacles. (Cf: Leviticus 16-33-44). The Feast of Tabernacles (Shelters) is also the fall harvest and it is a reminder that God’s presence was with Israel when they lived in tents during their 40 year journey in the wilderness.

It is no coincidence that the Almighty promises His spirit to abide on the remnant so that the Lord’s house is rebuilt. Jesus actually stood in the temple on this same day and cried out to the masses. He offered them the Holy Spirit. The same spirit Yahweh is giving to Zerubbabel and Joshua on the exact day.

On the last day of the festival, the great day, while Jesus was standing there, He cried out, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me”….. Now he said this about the Spirit, which believers in him were to receive (John 7:37, 39, NRSV).

Jesus is the ultimate fulfillment of all prophecies. Jesus’ first advent was to offer himself as a pure sacrifice so that the world may be redeemed.  His second coming will be to judge the world and to wrest away the temporary control that Satan now has. In the next installment, we will see the end of the age portion of the promise that God made through Haggai. EJ

May 29th, 2016                            The Prophecies of Haggai (Part 4)

The oracles of God are perfect and pure.  God is promising something spectacular to the children of Israel if they remain obedient and rebuild His Holy Temple. Our Sovereign King provides hope for a future glory for all those who believe and trust in Him.

” For thus says the Lord of hosts: Once again, in a little while, I will shake the heavens and the earth and the sea and the dry land; and I will shake all the nations, so that the treasure of all nations shall come, and I will fill  this house with splendor, says the Lord of Hosts…… The latter splendor of this house shall be greater than the former, says the Lord of Hosts; and in this place I will give prosperity, says the Lord of Hosts” (Haggai 2:6-7,9, NRSV).  

This prophecy would be mind boggling to the elders who witnessed the majesty of Solomon’s Temple. The 2nd temple never reached this level of glory even though the additions that Herod the Great built made even the 12 Apostles marvel (Matthew 24:1). Jesus himself entered the rebuilt temple and in a sense this “latter house” was greater than the original.

However, the future glory that Yahweh is speaking of is yet to come. We know this by using the Scripture of the Olivet Discourse (Jesus’ words about end time events) to shed light on this particular prophecy of Haggai.

” There will be signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars, and on the earth distress among nations confused by the roaring of the sea and the waves. People will faint from fear and foreboding of what is coming upon the world, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken” (Luke 21:6-7, NRSV).

Jesus is speaking of the same event that was given to Haggai to preach. The King of Kings will interrupt the reign of antichrist with a supernatural shaking of creation (Revelation 6:12-17).  These signs in the heavens and on earth are a prelude to announce the return of The Shekinah Glory.

” Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory” (Luke 21:7, NRSV).

By cross referencing the visions of Daniel and the words given to the Apostles (Acts 1:6-11), it is clear that Jesus’ return is what is being prophesied through Haggai.

” As I watched in the night visions, I saw one like a human being coming with the clouds of heaven. And He came to the Ancient One and was presented before him. To Him was given dominion and glory and kingship, that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion that shall not pass away, and his kingship as one that shall never be destroyed” (Daniel 7:13-14, NRSV).

In conclusion, the promise of a future glory inhabiting the Temple will only begin to manifest itself when Jesus returns and establishes His reign on earth. At the conclusion of Daniel’s 70th week, (Daniel 9:24-27) there will be a renewal of this world. Then the promise of the 3rd prophecy will be realized. We will be examining this final prophecy of Haggai in the next installment. EJ.

July 29, 2016                          The Prophecies of Haggai (Part 5)

We have seen in past installments that God has spoken through the prophet Haggai. The message given was to rebuild the Temple with a promise that the glory of the latter  will be greater than the former (Solomon’s Temple). Historically, the 2nd temple did not reach this greater splendor, so there is anticipation to the fulfillment of Yahweh’s promise.

The Lord’s 3rd oracle to Haggai was given on the 24th day of the 9th month of the Hebrew calendar (Haggai 2:10, 18, 23).

” Consider from this day on, from the twenty-fourth day of the ninth month. Since the day that the foundation of the Lord’s temple was laid, consider: Is there any seed left in the barn? Do the vine, the fig tree, the pomegranate, and the olive tree still yield nothing? From his day on I will bless you” (Haggai 2:18-19, NRSV).

There is a promise given to Judah (Haggai 2:20-23) that the nations will be overthrown and defeated. The prophet Joel speaks of the same promise.

” For then in those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat, and I will enter into judgment with them there, on account of my people and my heritage Israel, because they have scattered them among the nations. They have divided my land…” (Joel 3:1-2, NRSV).

The Battle of Armageddon is in view here and the destiny of those who march against Jesus will be grim, ending with a final trip into Gehenna (The Lake of Fire).  Then, Satan will be  bound for  1,000 years as the reign of Shalom Peace will begin.(Revelation 19:17-20:3).  The beginning of the Millennial Kingdom will be the fulfillment of Haggai’s third prophecy: “From this day forth (24th of Chislev), I will bless you.”

An important Jewish Celebration is Hanukkah, also known as the Feast of the Dedication and the Festival of Lights.  This 8 day celebration begins  on the 25th of Chislev. This was the date that the 2nd temple was purified. In the last installment of Haggai’s prophecies, we will see how Satan worked through a man (Antiochus Epiphanes IV) to desecrate the Lord’s dwelling. The date of the abomination is well known in Jewish history and it was in direct rebellion of Yahweh’s promise of eternal blessing. EJ

September 23rd, 2016           The Prophecies of Haggai (Conclusion)

         ” Now on the fifteenth day of Kislev,  in the one hundred forty-fifth year (167BC), they erected a desolating sacrilege on the altar of burnt offering. They also built altars in the surrounding towns of Judah, and offered incense at the doors of the houses and in the streets. The books of the law that they found they tore to pieces and burned with fire. Anyone found possessing the book of the covenant, or anyone who adhered to the law, was condemned to death by decree of the king…… one the twenty-fifth day of the month they offered sacrifice on the altar that was on top of the altar of burnt offering. According to the decree, they put to death the woman who had their children circumcised, and their families and those who circumcised them; and they hung the infants from their mothers’ necks” (I Maccabees 1:54-57, 59-61, NRSV).

My question is this: if the desolating sacrilege (an image of Zeus) was placed on the altar on the 15th of Kislev, why was the unclean sacrifice placed on the altar 10 days later (25th of Kislev)?

The answer is simple and it comes from the fact that Satan knows prophecy, but he does not discern the Moadim (the appointed times). Daniel 7:25  tells us that the antichrist will attempt to change set times (God’s appointed days) and laws (The Commandments). Yahweh promises that from the 24th of the 9th month (Kislev), Israel will be blessed. (Haggai 2:10, 18, 23). Daniel 9:24 teaches us that after the 70 weeks are completed, the sin of Judah (and all of Israel) will be atoned for. Revelation 20:1-3 shows that after antichrist and the false prophet are thrown into the Lake of Fire, Satan will be bound for a thousand years.

Satan has been desperate to eliminate the Jewish people and to prevent the ultimate blessing. That is why the pig sacrifice was presented on the altar on 25 Kislev, as an attempt to change the set time that Yahweh decreed. Judas Maccabees, purified the altar on the same day, 25 Kislev 164 BC. The feast was held for 8 days in commemoration of the Feast of Tabernacles.  Solomon dedicated the first temple to the Lord on The Fest of Shelters/Tabernacles ( 2nd Chronicles 5:1-7:10).

A knowledge of Israel’s past is a bridge to seeing how the future will unfold. In a future post, we will explore the prophecies of Daniel to see that when God blesses his people, it will be in fulfillment of Haggai’s oracles. EJ

October 15th, 2016               Jesus and The Feast of Tabernacles

Tomorrow night, beginning at sunset, will be a time of great joy for the Jewish people, as they will be celebrating Sukkot, The Feast of Tabernacles. This celebration is actually two separate festivals. The first seven days are a time of joy and remembrance because Yahweh delivered Israel out of Egypt and they dwelt in tents for 40 years in the wilderness. The Lord’s presence remained with His people and so this holy period is a time of honoring God (Leviticus 23:33-44).

This feast is also know as The Feast of Booths (tents) and the Feast of Ingathering (Fall Harvest). Pertaining to Salvation History, Jesus was most likely born during this period of time. His name, Emmanuel means God with us ( Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 2:23). John 1:14 tells us that the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. The Greek word translated dwelt is eskenosen and it literally means to have one’s tent. Our savior was actually placed in a Sukkot (manger) shortly after His birth (Luke 2:12).

On the 8th day, the king of the Jews was circumcised and named Yeshua (Luke 2:21). So by understanding the fact that Jesus was born on 15 Tishri or day one of the feast, then 22 Tishri would be the day He was named and circumcised. This is also a holy day known as Shemini Atzeret, The Last Great Day. It was on this day that the Messiah cried out for those who thirsted to come to Him. Jesus was offering the Holy Spirit to those who would believe (John 7:37-39). In the next post, we will see how this feast will play a role within the 70th Week of Daniel. EJ

October 21st, 20016               God’s Protection

” For in the day of trouble He will deep me safe in His dwelling; He will hide me in the shelter of His sacred tent and set me high upon a rock” (Psalm 27:5; NIV).

Today is the 5th day of the Feast of Tabernacles and these days of celebration are the Moadim L’Simcha (Appointed Times for Joy). We remember God dwelling among His people, Israel for 40 years in the wilderness. David understood the nature of Yahweh in Psalm 27. Verse 5 is clear that we are looking at an end of the age prophecy.

During the time of Great Tribulation (within the 70th week of Daniel), The Lord will protect His people and see them through the Day of Trouble. The Hebrew word translated as sacred tent/tabernacle/pavilion is sukkah. So during the Time of Jacob’s Trouble as evil threatens God’s people, the elect will be have Yeshua as their shelter and protector.

This gives us great hope knowing that when our nation falls, God still has his eye on His treasured possession. The Lord is our fortress and when we understand that, interpretation of Daniel 11:37-39 becomes clearer.

  ” He will show no regard for the gods of his ancestors (fathers) or for the one desired by women, nor will he regard any god, but will exalt himself above them all. Instead of them, he will honor a god of fortresses, a god unknown to his ancestors he will honor with gold and silver, with precious stones and costly gifts. He will attack the mightiest fortresses with the help of a foreign god and will greatly honor those who acknowledge him. He will make them rulers over many people and will distribute the land at a price” (Daniel 11:37-39).

Daniel 7:25 teaches us that the antichrist will attempt to change set times and laws. Satan has always tried to usurp God’s rule (cf: Isaiah 14 and Revelation 12). He will give authority to the beast as a way to replace God. So it makes sense that antichrist mocks Jesus, our rock and redeemer, by honoring a god of fortresses/forces. This is Satan himself who will be honored. So when wealth is distributed, the price will be one’s soul. We must be aware of the devil’s plans so that we may be overcomers. EJ.

October 31st, 2016             The Core of End Times Prophecy

In my humble opinion, understanding future events concerning the end of this age begins with having biblical knowledge of the book of Daniel. Over the next month or so, there will be several installments that dig deep into Daniel chapter 9.  Understanding Biblical history will be our bridge into connecting the present day with what must transpire soon. Any conclusions about the future  must be grounded in Scriptural Truth!

When the Lord judges a nation, No one can change that decree. Many pray for revival for our nation today. Even if revival broke out in the United States, we will still be brought to our knees for our sins. How do I know this? It happened to Judah (the southern kingdom).

” In his days, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon came up, and Jehoiakim became his vassal for 3 years. Then he turned and rebelled against him. The LORD (Yahweh) let loose against him the raiding bands of the Chaldeans, Arameans, Moabites, and Ammonites; He let them loose against Judah to destroy it, in accordance with the word that the LORD had spoken through His servants the prophets. All this befell Judah at the command of the LORD, who banished [them] from His presence because of all the sins that Manasseh hand committed, and also because of the blood of the innocent that he shed. For he filled Jerusalem with the blood of the innocent, and the Lord would not forgive” (2nd Kings 24:1-4, Tanakh, The Jewish Bible).

Manasseh was probably the vilest king in Judah’s history, reigning for 55 years (2nd Kings 21:1-18). God decided that the southern kingdom must fall but it took 36 years until God’s chosen ruler, Nebuchadnezzar would rise up. For 31 of those years, Josiah revived the nation and Judah honored the LORD. Revival broke out and the covenant with Yahweh was renewed (2nd Kings 23:1-27).

This is important to understand because when God moves, it is in His perfect time. The first wave of captivity for Judah took place in 605 BC during year 3 of King Jehoiakim’s reign. Daniel and his friends: Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah were a remnant of nobility and royal descent from the house of Judah (Daniel 1:1-7). They would play a major role in influencing the king’s court in Babylon. In our next post, we will look at the 2nd wave of captivity and how God used the prophets, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, to establish the fact that exile would last a long time. EJ

November 7th, 2016                       The True from the False

” Thus said the LORD of Hosts: Do not listen to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you. They are deluding you; the prophecies they speak are from their own minds, not from the mouth of the LORD. They declare to men who despise Me. The LORD has said: ‘All shall be well with you’, and to all who follow their willful hearts they say: ‘No evil shall befall you.’ But he who has stood in the council of the LORD, and seen, and heard His word-  He who has listened to His word must obey. Lo, the storm of the LORD goes forth in fury; a whirling storm, it shall whirl down upon the heads of the wicked. The anger of the LORD shall not turn back till it has fulfilled and completed His purposes. In the days to come, you shall clearly perceive it (Jeremiah 22:16-20, The Tanakh).

This promise from the LORD of Hosts holds true today with all the mudslinging and lies being perpetuated throughout the presidential debate. As a result, the United States will become a lesson to the world. Men will crave hope from somewhere, and Satan will happily provide it in the form of the antichrist. This beast will spread a message of hope and even create the delusion of peace in the Middle East. We must not believe the false rhetoric because this world will be plunged into a season of testing. The purpose will be to purify the church and to bring national Israel into a saving relationship with Jesus.

It will not be pretty and over 4 billion people will die (cf Revelation 6:7-8, Revelation 9:13-19). The tragedy is that many will not turn to God despite these warnings and judgments. They will still be swayed by the antichrist and false prophet (Revelation 13). The human condition is bent on the mindset of “what have you done for me lately.” Thus, we are easily deceived with plans that promise short term solutions. In the next post, we will see a  perfect example of how a false prophet, Hananiah, declared that the Babylonian captivity would be ended quickly. Then, we will see Jeremiah’s response and how Yahweh dealt with the deceiver (Hananiah). EJ

November 14th, 2016                       Hananiah: The False Prophet

A false prophet will say words opposite to the nature and commands of Yahweh. Every true prophet of God brings a very unpopular message: “Repent or Divine Judgment will follow.” Then, a message of hope follows: God will show mercy and restore the fortunes of those who humble themselves and return to the Lord (Jeremiah 29:12-14). Refuge in any king or world leader will lead to disaster. We must place our hope in Yeshua alone!

” As for you, give no heed to your prophets, augurs, dreamers, diviners, and sorcerers, who say to you, ‘Do not serve the king of Babylon.’ For they prophesy falsely to you-with the result that you shall be banished from your land; I will drive you out and you shall perish. But the nation that puts its neck under the yoke of the king of Babylon, and serves him, will be left by Me on its own soil-declares to LORD- to till it and dwell on it ” (Jeremiah 27:9-11, The Tanakh).

That year, early in the reign of King Zedekiah of Judah, in the fifth month of the fourth year, the prophet Hananiah son of Azzur, who was from Gibeon, spoke to me in the House of the LORD, in the presence of the priests and all the people. He said: ” Thus said the LORD of Hosts, the God of Israel: I hereby break the yoke of the king of Babylon. In two years, I will restore to this place all the vessels of the House of the LORD which King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon took from this place and brought to Babylon. And I will bring back to this place King Jeconiah son of Jehoiakim of Judah, and all the Judean exiles who went to Baylon-declares the LORD. Yes, I will break the yoke of the king of Babylon” (Jeremiah 28:1-4, The Tanakh).

The latter message sounds great as far as king Zedekiah was concerned. Surely, the LORD has mercy on His chosen people and changed His mind about the exile. The problem is that GOD’S WORD stands forever and will not change. Jeremiah himself says that all the prophets from ancient times spoke of war, disaster, and pestilence against many lands and great kingdoms (Jeremiah 28:8). Amos was told that The Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing His purpose to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7).

Hananiah was claiming something that had never happened since the birth of the nation of Israel. Good fortune never came before judgment and repentance (and never will). Yet this evil man continued to insist that Judah will  quickly return to the land. His recompense was death. One cannot take the Words of GOD and twist them in order to  lie to the people. Thus, Jeremiah prophesied that his false counterpart would die that same year. It was on the 7th month of that year when Hananiah was banished from the earth for urging disloyalty to the LORD (Jeremiah 28:15-17).

We must never take God’s Word and create a teaching that is more appealing to the masses. In a future post, we will see the continuity between Jeremiah’s letter and Ezekiel’s message to the exiles of Judah. True prophets are on one accord because they are of one spirit: The Holy Spirit. EJ

December 13th, 2016            The Samson Connection (Part 1)

I have been leading Bible studies about the prophecies concerning the birth of John the Baptist and the birth of Jesus. Tis the season. Something interesting happened in my studies. I noticed that there were similarities in the annunciations of the future births of Samson and John the Baptist

1) Both women were barren (Judges 13:2, Luke 1:7).

2) An angel of the Lord brings the message of great joy  (Judges 13:3-18, Luke 1:11-20).

3) The children are not to have strong drink (Judges 13:4-5, Numbers 6:1-5, Luke 1:15).

4) As men, both will be deliverers of Israel (Judges 13:6, Luke 1:16-17).

Now, my mind raced and I thought of “end of the age connections”. Will the false prophet of Revelation 13 come on the scene to pave the way for the antichrist? Will he not drink and or shave, similar to a vow of the Nazirite? At that point, the answer became a bit clearer, when I looked at previous research and posts that  I have worked on.

It has been my opinion that the antichrist will claim a heritage from Israel. In Daniel, this “beast” will have no regard for the God of his fathers ( Daniel 37). The term fathers in the Old Testament usually referred to the patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Their God has always been Yahweh. Once, the foundation is laid that the son of perdition with have a heritage to one of the 12 tribes, I was able to dig further.

Many scholars say the antichrist must come from a revised Roman Empire (because of Daniel 9:26) or is Muslim. Those solutions ignored the fact that this man needs to have a connection to Israel especially if he is able to enforce a covenant that includes the Jewish people rebuilding their temple (Daniel 9:27). However, there is an answer that solves all potential problems. This man will have a mixed heritage. Now does Scripture support this?

We know the antichrist will be a blasphemer (Daniel 11:36, 2nd Thessalonians 2:4). Leviticus 24 has a written account that backs up my conclusion. A man whose father was an Egyptian blasphemed the name of the Lord and fought with an Israelite. This enemy of God had Israelite blood on his mother’s side. His grandfather was from the tribe of Dan (Leviticus 24:10-23).

When I saw this, the pieces of the puzzle were beginning to fit. I already wondered why the tribe of Dan was excluded from the sealing of the 144,000 (Revelation 7:5-8). Two prophecies in Genesis created a clearer picture.

The LORD GOD said to the serpent: “Because you have done this, cursed are you among all animals and among all wild creatures; upon your belly you shall go, and dust you shall eat all the days of your life. I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; He will strike your head, and you will strike His heel ” (Genesis 3:14-15, NRSV).

Jacob, who was renamed Israel, blessed and prophesied over his sons as to what would transpire in the future concerning their tribes.

“Dan shall judge his people as one of the tribes in Israel. Dan shall be a snake by the roadside, a viper along the path, that bites the horse’s heels so that its rider falls backward. I wait for your salvation Lord” (Genesis 49:16-18).

So now, I came to the conclusion that a Danite will have the cunning of Satan and will appear to be a savior. In future posts, we will look at Samson more closely and see that he, in part, was a deliverer and he used riddles and cunning to defeat the Philistines. We will also see how the antichrist will also appear to be a deliverer for Israel, using cunning and diplomacy. EJ

January 2nd, 2017            Trouble for Israel

A new year is upon us and with it, hope arises. No one wants to think about trouble and adversity during a time of new beginnings. However, 2017 brings 2 major anniversaries concerning important events in Israel’s rebirth. In 1967, the Jewish people reunited Jerusalem during the 6 Day War. They even took control of the Temple Mount, only to return it back to Islam in the name of peace.

However, Jerusalem was back in the hands of God’s people. It was a fulfillment of the 5o year Jubilee Cycle (Leviticus 25:8-17) where Israelites would be allowed to return to their homes and debts would be erased. So when the Jewish people controlled Jerusalem ( the city of Yahweh) it was a fulfillment of another event that occurred in November, 2017.

On November 2nd, 1917, foreign secretary Arthur James Balfour to Britain’s most illustrious Jewish citizen, Baron Rothschild, expressing the British government’s support of an independent Jewish state in Palestine. After the horrors of the Holocaust and the aftermath of World War II, Israel became a nation again in 1948 (fulfilling Isaiah 66:7-9). However, Israel is not complete without Jerusalem and the 6 Day War brought Jerusalem back to the Jewish people. Since then certain areas like the Gaza Strip and the West Bank are occupied by Israel’s enemies.

The reason that this is significant is because Palestinian President Abbas requested in September 2016, that England apologize for initiating the Balfour Declaration. Two Jubilee cycles have passed and Satan is aware of this. He knows that when Israel’s sins are atoned for, Jesus will rule again (Daniel 9:24-27) and he will be bound in the abyss for 1000 years (Revelation 20:1-3).  The Arab Nations are poised to fight for their beliefs. May 2018 will be the 70th anniversary of the rebirth of Israel. Look for significant resistance from God’s enemies this year. Israel is on the precipice of war. We must continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and pray that President-elect Trump will stand by Israel, as he has promised. EJ

January 29th, 2017            The Time of Jacob’s Trouble

The topic of eschatology is one of the most misunderstood Biblical Concepts. People use different terminology when identifying the final 7 years of this age. The 3 most popular titles are: The Tribulation, The 70th Week of Daniel, and The Time of Jacob’s Trouble. I always believed the most Biblical description of this time frame was The 70th Week of Daniel (Daniel 9:24-27). However, I never really studied the time of Jacob’s trouble in depth. So this week, while reading Daniel 12:1, I was drawn to compare that verse with Jeremiah 30:7.

” How awful will that day be, no other will be like it. It will be a time of trouble for Jacob, but he will be saved out of it “(Jeremiah 30:7, NIV).

” At that time, Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise. There will be a time of distress such as not happened from the beginning of nations until then. But at that time your people, everyone whose name is found written in the book will be delivered” (Daniel 12:1, NIV).

Different Bible translations used the term trouble in both texts, so I decided to make sure the same  Hebrew word was used in both verses. The answer was YES and the word tsarah can mean the following: adversary, adversity, affliction, anguish, distress, tribulation and trouble.

My next step was to see if Daniel and Jeremiah were talking about the same event. I found out that both spoke of a future time which would be worse than any other. Moreover, Jacob (Israel) will be delivered/rescued from this horrible period. So, I knew this was the same future time period.  This is where things became interesting because I knew that Jesus also spoke of this future event.

” For then there will be great distress (mega thilipsis), unequaled from the beginning of the world until now and never to be equaled again” (Matthew 24:21, NIV).

The Greek for these terms mean great anguish, burden, persecution, tribulation and/or trouble. Jesus’  defines this time as The Great Tribulation.  Matthew 24:15 tells us the what situation initiates this horror: The abomination that causes desolation.   Jesus references Daniel 9:27 and it becomes clear that at the midpoint of the 70th week, the beast/antichrist will put and end to the sacrificial system and profane the holy altar of Yahweh.

Therefore, by examining  these 3 different witnesses on the same event, I was able to conclude the following: The time of Jacob’s trouble will occur after the antichrist desecrates God’s Temple and claims to be God. This makes sense because Israel will see this beast as the Messiah due to the fact that he allowed the rebuilding of the Temple. Only after he stops their sacrificial system and halts their celebration of the Feast Days of God, will Israel have their spiritual eyes opened. That will lead to great persecution and The Time of Jacob’s Trouble. EJ

March 24th, 2017            Lessons from the Fiery Furnace

Daniel chapter 3 prepares us for how to deal with the antichrist during the Great Tribulation. King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon set up a statue and made a proclamation that peoples of all nations and languages were to fall down and worship the golden statue. The penalty for disobedience was an immediate trip into a furnace of blazing fire (Daniel 3:5-6). Evil Chaldeans were more than happy to inform the king that 3 Jewish men (who had leadership roles over the provinces of Babylon) refused to worship the massive idol.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were interrogated by the king and were challenged to pray or else they would be cast into fire. Follow the conversation below and we have a blueprint on how to answer the beast and false prophet when they demand the world’s worship (Revelation 13:12-18).

“Now if you are ready when you hear the sound of the horn, pipe, lyre, trigon, harp, drum, and entire musical ensemble to fall down and worship the statue that I have made, well and good. But if you do not worship, you shall immediately be thrown into a furnace of blazing fire, and who is the god that will deliver you out of my hands?”

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego answered the king, ” O Nebuchadnezzar, , we have no need to present a defense to you in this matter, if our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the furnace of blazing fire and out of your hand, O king, let Him deliver us. But if not, be it known to you, O king, that we will not serve your gods and we will not worship the golden statue that you have set up” (Daniel 3:15-18, NRSv).

The following principles are learned from these Godly men.

  1. They knew Yahova and that He could rescue anyone, if that was His will.
  2. They understood the covenant relationship between themselves and God. They honored the first and greatest Commandment.
  3. They were not afraid to suffer and die for the sake of their LORD (Rev 12:11).
  4. They spoke boldly against the one who mocked the One True GOD.
  5. They lived the part of a royal priesthood by offering the sacrifice of their own bodies (Daniel 3:28).

Thus, the seeds were planted within King Nebuchadnezzar. He saw the faith of these young men which was strengthened through a fiery trial. After experiencing great tribulation of his own (Nebuchadnezzar wandered like a wild animal for 7 years)  the deposed king acknowledged that Yahova rules over all (Daniel 4:28-37). So, we should embrace the opportunity to suffer for the cause of the kingdom because it just might be that our testimony leads someone away from eternal hellfire. EJ

April 9th, 2017                 Passover and Prophecy

Monday, April 10th, at sunset begins Passover. God established Passover as a festival to the LORD and it was to be a perpetual ordinance (Exodus 12:14). God wanted His children to remember what He had done for them and that knowledge was to be passed down to future generations.

And when your children ask you ‘ What do you mean by this observance?’ you shall say, ‘It is the Passover sacrifice to the LORD, for He passed over the houses of the Israelites in Egypt, when He struck down the Egyptians but spared our houses.’ And the people bowed down and worshiped (Exodus 12:26-27, NRSV).

After Passover, the Israelites were to observe the Days of Unleavened Bread for one week. This also was to be a reminder to future generations for what God did for Israel during the crossing of the Red Sea and through their wilderness journey.

It shall serve for you as a sign on your hand and as a reminder on your forehead, so that the teaching of the LORD may be on your lips; for with a strong hand the LORD brought you out of Egypt. You shall keep this ordinance at its proper time from year to year ( Exodus 13-10, NRSV).

Yahweh also decreed that once the Israelites entered the promised land, they would consecrate the firstborn of all who opened the womb. This was to be a remembrance of how the firstborn children of Israel was spared from the Angel of the LORD. It was also to serve as a sign on their hands and an emblem on their forehead that GOD rescued them out of Egypt (Exodus 13:11-16).

Understanding the purpose of these festivals is critical in knowing what the antichrist will do in the future. He will attempt to change the set times (God’s Holy Days) and laws (Commandments). {cf: Daniel 7:25}. At the midpoint of the final 7 years, the antichrist will abolish the sacrificial system and claim to be God (Daniel 8:11, 9:27, 11:37). The mark of the beast is a clear example of Daniel 7:25 otherwise it would not be on the right hand or the fore head. Furthermore, it seems that the beast will proclaim one more nefarious act.

This is my own theory but I can envision him demanding all who worship him to offer up their firstborn as an act of good faith. I am not saying that he will kill them but the sacrifice may be that they are given the mark just to mock how Yahweh had the firstborn consecrated to himself. In light of Matthew 24:15-20, this makes a lot of sense. Jesus warns us that those in Jerusalem must flee when they see the Abomination that Causes Desolation. He also speaks of particular woes to pregnant women and nursing mothers. Granted, it will be difficult for those women to flee but how much more so if they are fleeing in fear that their firstborn child is demanded to be a sacrifice to the man of lawlessness.

This Passover season is a great time to reflect on what Jesus did for us. It is a time for us to rededicate our lives to the King of Kings. We must also use this time to study the Scriptures because they provide clues for us to know what the enemy will do. We must prepare others for the darkness that is coming upon the world. The light of Jesus that shines through us will pierce that darkness. Are you ready for the battle of your lives? EJ

April 26th, 2017                 The Jewish Wedding (Marriage Covenant)

Over the last month, I have heard the Jewish Wedding Typology vehemently used to prove a Pre-tribulation Rapture (PTR). The purpose of this series is to look at the traditional Jewish Wedding and see how it lines up with the return of Jesus. There are parallels with God’s plan of salvation but our conclusion will show that this glorious occasion does not support Jesus rescue of the elect before Daniel’s 70th Week.

Our first comparison is the father’s payment for the bride and establishment of the marriage covenant. Officiating is the Lord Himself at the first “wedding” in Eden.

Then the LORD GOD said, ” It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper as his partner.”…..So the LORD GOD caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; then He took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh. And the rib that the LORD GOD had taken from the man, He made into a woman and brought her to the man ( Genesis 2:18, 21-22, NRSV).

This covenant was so that the husband and wife would do the Father’s will. They were to fill the earth and take dominion over God’s creation. The parallel is that YHWH bought or ransomed His Church. The price was the precious blood of His SON, Yeshua.

Keep watch over yourselves and over all the flock, of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God that he obtained with the blood of His own Son (Acts 20:28, NRSV).

For you were bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body (1st Corinthians 6:20, NRSV).

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her, in order to make her holy by cleansing her with the washing of water by the word, so as to present the church to Himself in splendor, without a spot or wrinkle or anything of the kind-yes, so that she may be holy and without blemish (Ephesians5:26-27).

Whether it was the church in Corinth or Ephesus, the message was the same. God, the Father, purchased the saints with His Son’s blood. PTR supporters say the seven-year Tribulation Period will be for the Church’s purification. However, as we will see in future installments, we are exhorted to be without spot, wrinkle or blemish before our LORD’s return. Paul teaches that the WORD itself cleanses us and keeps us holy.

We, holy ones/saints (hagios), are watchmen and seekers of the lost. We are called to obey the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). The Apostles were witnesses (the same root word used for martyr) starting in Jerusalem, then throughout Judea and Samaria, and unto the ends of the earth (Acts 1:6-8). The end of this age cannot occur until the Gospel is preached throughout the world (Matthew 24:14). As the finishing step in our purification process, we must endure until the end. EJ


October 27th, 2017                        The Millennial Temple

During the past 2 weeks, the pastor of my church has been away on family business. I have been teaching the small groups that he leads. What amazes me is that the more I prepare and teach, new insights are jumping out at me. A great example of this happened at the Wednesday morning group as we were studying Mark chapter 11.

Jesus had just overturned the money changer’s tables and cleared out the temple before quoting from both the prophet Isaiah and Jeremiah.

He was teaching and saying, “Is it not written, ‘ My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations’? But you have made it a den of robbers” (Mark 11:17, NRSV).

It dawned on me that when Jesus was quoting Scripture, He used the future tense with regards to the temple being a house of prayer for all nations. At that time, the temple was for Jewish worship and the observance of the sacrificial system.  There was an outer court for the Gentiles but only the high priest was allowed to enter the Holy of Holies and that was only during Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). Jesus was referring to a future Temple where all nations would gather to honor the King. Isaiah confirms this.

In verse 1 of Isaiah chapter 56, the LORD is exhorting us to maintain justice and to do what is right. He then says that HIS SALVATION will come, and HIS DELIVERANCE will be revealed. This begins when Jesus cuts short the Great Tribulation and ushers in the Day of the LORD’s Judgment (Matthew 24:21-31). Then at the end of the 70th week of Daniel, the following will occur.

And the foreigners who join themselves to the LORD, to minister to Him, to love the Name of the LORD, and to be His servants, all who keep the Sabbath, and do not profane it, and hold fast My covenant- these I will bring to My holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer; their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be accepted on my altar; for My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples (Isaiah 56:6-7, NRSV).

Jesus was angry because towards the end of His ministry that prophecy was not being fulfilled because of the callous hearts of His people. Only after the sin of Israel is atoned for (cf: Daniel 9:24) will God’s chosen people become a light to the nations. Then during His Millennial rule, all nations will desire to come to Jerusalem to worship and pray to their KING in HIS FATHER’SHOUSE. EJ.

January 28th, 2018                        Fulfilled Prophecy

The book of Isaiah has so much treasure that I hope to mine in the next few posts. Most Bible students are aware of the Messianic verses that point to Jesus’ birth in Isaiah chapters 7 and 9. Many will be familiar with the predictions of Jesus’ suffering in chapter 53. However, there are other Scriptures in Isaiah that were fulfilled perfectly Today, we will see how God called out a Gentile king by name before he was even born.

History indicates that the prophet Isaiah died around 680 BC. Isaiah prophesied through the second half of the 7oos BC. This is important because when God speaks of a Persian king by name, it is at least 100 years before he was born. The Scriptures that I am going to refer to below were spoken at least 150 years before they were fulfilled.

Who says of Cyrus, ‘ He is my shepherd, and he shall perform all My pleasure, Saying to Jerusalem, “You shall be built,” and to the temple, “Your foundation shall be laid” ‘ ( Isaiah 44:28, NKJV).

The Babylonian Empire fell to King Cyrus of Persia (see Daniel chapter 5) in 539 BC. YHWH spoke through Cyrus in order to proclaim that some of the exiles of Judah rebuild HIS house of worship. The LORD spoke to this pagan king personally. Cyrus did not know the LORD but for Israel’s sake, GOD’S glory would be manifest to this emperor of Persia (Isaiah 55:1-4). The first few verses of chapter 1 of the book of Ezra, shows us the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy.

 Now in the first year of Cyrus king of Persia, that the word of the LORD by the mouth of Jeremiah might be fulfilled, the LORD stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia, so that he made a proclamation throughout all his kingdom, and also put it in writing saying,

” Thus says Cyrus king of Persia:  All the kingdoms of the earth the LORD God of heaven has given me. And He has commanded me to build Him a house at Jerusalem which is in Judah. Who is among you of all His people?  May his God be with him, and let him go up to Jerusalem which is in Judah, and build the house of the LORD God of Israel (He is God), which is in Jerusalem. And whoever is left in any place where he dwells, let the men of his place help him with silver and gold, with goods and livestock, besides the freewill offerings for the house of God, which in in Jerusalem” ( Ezra 1:1-4, NKJV).

This fulfilled prophecy is another proof that whatever God says WILL come true!. Isaiah chapters 65 and 66 talk about the Millennium and eternity. So, we better pay attention to future prophecy. Also, notice how many times Cyrus said the house of the LORD is in Jerusalem. This is crucial because President Trump has said that the United States will recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. That statement has prophetic ramifications and  is another example of how close we are to the end of this age. In the next post, we will see how the apostle Paul recognized Jesus as divine with words that God speaks in Isaiah chapter 45. EJ